Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If your goal is to fully automate your data collection using on-machine sensors tied into your PLC controls, then our software probably isn’t for you. Those types of software packages require large capital investments and also have additional costs to scale. Maybe you don’t need all that though. Maybe you are still okay with having a human interface (like flipping a switch on a traditional stack/andon light). Maybe you are just looking to simplify data collection, improve on factory visual controls while creating a connected factory . Our solution is affordable, flexible and doesn’t require a huge investment.

First sign up for an AndonLite account - it’s completely free to try for 30 days with no credit card required. After that, you will be redirected to Stripe (our payment processor).
You will need a connected device at the cell/machine you would like to monitor. You could use an existing PC or install a dedicated tablet - that’s entirely up to you. AndonLite runs on any browser whether its an iOS, Android or Windows device. After setting up an account you will have full access to the detailed setup guide.

With a professional account you can create unlimited trackers and have unlimited users. For smaller companies that only have a few pieces of equipment to track, the basic account, which is limited to 5 trackers and 10 users, may work for you. The account type doesn’t change any of the available features - it just limits the number of trackers. All accounts will have access to real time alerts, customizable trackers, and exportable reports.

Trial accounts can be created with no credit card information and any account can be cancelled through Stripe within the monthly billing cycle. Membership access will continue until the end of the paid cycle. Due to the value provided by the lifetime membership, no refunds are offered on that rate.