Why AndonLite?

I’m an engineer and lean manufacturing leader that has spent 15 years working in the Aerospace and Automotive industries in North America, Europe and Asia. In my travels, I saw a wide array of traditional stack and andon lights on top of machines conveying equipment status. Those lights were not connected to any sort of system that captured the span and reason of lost time. I consistently saw labor intensive and unwieldy paperwork systems, supplementing the andon lights, designed to capture lost time. I set out to create a software solution that simplified what I saw.

Cells and machines go offline on a daily basis. Reacting quickly and understanding the reasons for lost time are critical to being successful. We’ve designed AndonLite with the intention of creating the easiest and most intuitive tool to capture, analyze and visualize lost time status in real time.

AndonLite is fully browser based so its compatible with any connected device. You may already have tablets or PCs near the cells/machines you want to track so getting set up may be as simple as the click of a mouse. The tracker mode of the web app provides a user friendly and visual interface that allows for rapid reporting of downtime while the dashboard mode provides an instant overview of all active trackers. Each tracker is customizable for real time email alerts and reason codes. All data is securely stored in the cloud and accessible and exportable via the reporting mode.